Posted by: paddle4mentawais | December 11, 2010

Official Invite!

Would you like to be involved in the Paddle for the Mentawais – Yas Island Challenge?

I’m looking for people to take on the challenge as individuals, or as part of a relay. It is about 20km around Yas Island, so I reckon that is about 4-5hours of paddling. The job will involve finding sponsors to support yourself or your team to get around the island. That way the sponsorship can be pooled and contributed to SurfAid.

I will be talking to some people today about finding some SUPs for paddlers who don’t have access to them and organising some practice paddles so that everybody gets a chance to build up their skills and endurance. The plan will be to build up slowly, but purposefully. There is a paddle this afternoon at the 19th St Beach on the Bateen side this afternoon with the Abu Dhabi SUP club if anyone wants to come down and have a look or try out a board. Just go to the lights at the end of 19th St (Western end), turn left and you will see a beach on the right beside the road. You should see us there, we kind of stick out a bit!

If so contact me through the comment facility below. (It gets sent to my email, so I will receive it and get back to you asap).

I’d love to have you aboard!


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