Posted by: paddle4mentawais | December 2, 2010

The Maqta Bridge

At 10:30 the boys arrived at the Maqta Bridge to a small welcoming committee (of Fiona, Tania, Kira, Kristina and Allan, The Turner family boys and the remaining Yules).

They were pretty cactus. And basically just collapsed under the bridge for an hour or so. The tide was just about to turn and was running pretty fast in the wrong direction.

The classic line was from Harold. Tania asked whether she could do anything for him and his response was “convince Russell to stop!” Sandwiches were consumed, massages were given, ibuprofen were swallowed and then they were on their way again. Estimated time of arrival at Le Meredian is now between 3 and 4pm.

Russell arriving at Maqta Bridge

Heading for the shade for some well deserved rest

Harold psyching himself up for departure.

Off they go with the Grand Mosque in the background.

Past the fort at Maqta Bridge.

Harold and the Sheikh Zayed Bridge



  1. Russell so good to see you doing so well and typically at something to do with surfing. it certainly looks hot over there. I here you have two chidden and a very supportive wife. Well, she must be to allow you to do this sounds like a great cause and hope you do well. Maybe if you could contact me here in Australia I can make a donation to the cause. hope to here from you soon.

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