Posted by: paddle4mentawais | December 2, 2010

The front stretch

"Grrr" see the testoserone oozing from their bodies and the (skull and cross bones look)

The boys arrived at the 19th street beach at about 8:00 am.  They reported that the wind was indeed strong and they had to sit for most of it. There were apparently lots of fish jumping and Harold said that one jumped up on his board and flopped about a bit. Russell had the same but his fish tried to go up his boardies leg! He still had scales stuck to his leg.

Russell reported that ‘it only hurts when his paddle hits the water’ but they both seem to be faring well. With the main soreness being between the shoulder blades. Can’t wait to see those sexy back muscles! 31 km over… hmmm could be more than 60km… urrrgh

Thank you to the Martin -Parkinson family who came with flags and loud cheering. And to the anonymous French couple who came to support Russell and Harold with kind words of encouragement. All of whom beat Russell’s very slack wife who turned up late…. Mind you, I did bring toasted cheese, avocado and chicken sandwiches which Harold said was “the best sanga’s he’s ever tasted”. Thanks Harold!

Their next stop is under the Maqta bridge at around 10.30am. If you can make it we would love to have a cheer squad. They are planning to arrive back at the meredian at 2 ish in the afternoon if you would like to come and meet them and celebrate their marathon effort. The more the merrier. Also check out page 6, of the National with the nice pic and blurb about Russell’s (and Harold’s) quest!

Bye 19th street.

Maqta Bridge here we come.



  1. Well done Russell, you have certainly got some attention for the Mentawi. We are on our way to Bali tomorrow and will share your efforts with Bali friends. Our Surfaid donation coming soon. Good luck completing your circumnavigation!! Xxxx

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