Posted by: paddle4mentawais | December 1, 2010

It’s Happening!

More things have evolved over the past couple of days since the last update. Interviews with local and national papers including an, (ahem), photo shoot at the Maqta Bridge. Let’s just say that my modelling career will probably head in the Bell full-face helmet direction. The word is The National newspaper will publish the story today or tomorrow and Abu Dhabi Week will have a story this week too.

In my previous post, I mentioned an un-named friend who had helped me out in a big way. I would like to announce that HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan has assisted by lending me one of his personal boards. After taking it for a quick practice paddle I can defintely say this board is more suitable, hopefully making the paddle easier and to keep going in a straighter line.

I would also like to announce I will be joined on the paddle by Harold Shim. I teach his daughter, Kira, in my class at Raha International School. Harold is an experienced paddler having made a crossing of the Molokai Channel in an outrigger canoe. He has a keen interest in keeping fit, regularly paddling a surfski when he gets a chance. Harold is also a doctor which might be handy for the other guy he is paddling with. I hope I don’t hold him back too much!

Also, the official starting point is confirmed as the Meredian Hotel in the Tourist Club Area. This is a great place to start and finish because it is close to the port, without having to go past it twice. And it means that the merry band of welcomers my wife Lucy has collected can hangout at the Hotel for a while if we are late coming in. It’s not the worst place to be in Abu Dhabi by a long shot. The other important point is that I might take a little while and I think there are one or two places that I would like to recuperate at.  If you would like to be part of that group, come on down to the Captains Arms where the group will probably be awaiting the return sometime between 12 and 2. A big thanks to Nemo for helping out with that!

I am hearing of lots of new, and old, friends who have made donations through the SurfAid website (linked on this page to the right). To those, I say many thanks for your effort in making me feel this is worthwhile and I hope you get the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from helping people in need. The support we have received is overwhelming and I hope we  do you proud on the day.

I have added a few articles to the Blogroll to the right there. These are people who have inspired me to have a go. Check them out!

15 hours to kick off!


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